Classic aluminium shades


Aluminum shade blades have become a significant part of modern architectural applications, suitable for protection of buildings and glass surfaces from the roughed weather influences, but also as an integral part of the facade or a roof detail. For that reason, development of installation and drive systems of shade blades is becoming more important every day.

Create the perfect play of light! With Venetian blinds the room climate can be adjusted perfectly to your needs. They provide optimum heat protection from direct sunlight and also enable you to achieve best possible control of daylight, as the slat position is almost continuously adjustable. Venetian blinds differ from their “near relatives”, standard Venetian blinds, above all due to their extremely robust design, which ensures high wind stability, their track or cable guide, their easy operation with cable, crank or motor, more than 200 RAL colours for aluminium privacy screen components, and due to 12 great slap colours and several different shapes: these are available in different widths and geometries, which all offer a different look and functionality!