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exterial blinds
We often encounter dilemmas about which type of blind to choose, so that the shadowing effect is as good as possible. If we wish a good thermal insulation, we can chose different kind of blinds, but the bad side of this shade is often a dim space. Aluminum blinds represent a pleasant shading, but at read more
Internal blinds
Vertical Blinds Venetian blinds Interior screen blinds Panel curtains Decorative Blinds Decorative Blinds read more
Decorative blinds
Decorative shades are often confused with classic curtains. A wide choice of fabrics enables us to create aesthetic ambiance, while ensuring efficient shading. Woven fabrics are suitable for different types of decorative blinds (rolls, duo rolls, panel curtains) and also allow different types of controls. All of our electric shadows can be connected and operated read more
AWNINGS HINGED ARM AWNINGS Your sunroof at the touch of a button Hinged arm awnings are ideal sunshade solutions for patios and balconies. With variable widths that are accurate to within a centimetre from 150 to 700 cm (1950 cm linked) and a maximum projection of up to 400 cm, they can be used almost read more
Interior screen blinds
With interior screen blinds you achieve a very special light effect, underline the clear style of the architecture and set wonderful coloured accents. As with all our "inside window" products, here too an enormous collection of all kinds of different materials and fabrics is available for you to choose from. Choose from more than 230 read more
Plisse blinds
Plissé shades have not only been a timeless bestseller in the world of blinds, but they are also an unbeatable all-rounder. Whether the window is regular, triangular, round or trapezoid, Plissé shades are always up to the challenge. With our Top-Down/Bottom-Up edition you have perfect, unlimited control over light and privacy.  The continuous folds of read more
Vertical blinds
Vertical blinds Vertical blinds are fantastic for all windows. Choose from our large range of fabrics, all made to measure. They are smart, practical, easy to install and even easier to clean. Choose from our range of vertical blinds which offer the perfect solution for virtually any size of window. Benefits: Solar protection Daylight control read more
Venetian blinds
Aluminum blinds have been present on the market for decades and are still a well-sold product among our customers as they are available at affordable prices and have long service life. They are designed for residential and business spaces. They are made of aluminum and with their opening mechanism, they allow for any desired light read more
Classic aluminium shades
CLASSIC ALUMINIUM SHADES Aluminum shade blades have become a significant part of modern architectural applications, suitable for protection of buildings and glass surfaces from the roughed weather influences, but also as an integral part of the facade or a roof detail. For that reason, development of installation and drive systems of shade blades is becoming read more
Technical information
Buildings with large glass areas represent one of the symbols of modern architecture. Glass surfaces allow making the most of the natural light, and thereby they fit naturally and harmonically into the surroundings. Buildings with luminous glass facades do look attractive, but they also have a few disadvantages because solar energy and sun emission can read more
External screen shading
Intelligent fabrics for solar protection EXTERNAL SCREEN CLASSIC - Transparent - The external solutions The ideal exterior solutions to combat heat, designed to stop sunlight before it reaches the glass, thus reducing the energy consumption of buildings SATINE 5500 If heat protection, glare protection and view are equally important, Satine 5500 is the right product read more
Panel curtains
For a touch of modern sophistication, Panel Glide blinds offer a contemporary take on traditional window fashions. Ideal for larger windows or doors, they feature sleek lines and a minimalist design to provide a subtle covering. Check out our panel blinds and panel curtains range. We have a huge range with different colours, sizes and read more

Almost all of our shading systems have the ability of electric operating. Our shading systems are also suitable for smart homes, the possibility of managing blinds through applications for iOS and Android.