Interior screen blinds

With interior screen blinds you achieve a very special light effect, underline the clear style of the architecture and set wonderful coloured accents. As with all our “inside window” products, here too an enormous collection of all kinds of different materials and fabrics is available for you to choose from. Choose from more than 230 colours and patterns, styles and looks, to find what is precisely right for your personal taste! Light or shadow? Colourful or discreet? With or without coating? Transparent or opaque? You define your priorities. In addition, roller blinds also help to insulate and act as thermal insulation – prevent overheating of your room in the summer and enjoy pleasant warmth in the winter while outside it is stormy and snowing But not only the weather stays outside – decide for yourself how much you want to allow your neighbours to see of your own private space.

Today, solar protection is a key element in intelligent building design to reduce energy consumption, protect occupants and maintain comfort levels. Our core business consists of designing, manufacturing and promoting high-performance technical fabrics that offer genuine functional and aesthetic added value to any architectural project.