External screen shading

Intelligent fabrics for solar protection

EXTERNAL SCREEN CLASSIC – Transparent – The external solutions

The ideal exterior solutions to combat heat, designed to stop sunlight before it reaches the glass, thus reducing the energy consumption of buildings


If heat protection, glare protection and view are equally important, Satine 5500 is the right product for all kinds of external applications. It is also an excellent fabric to digitally print on, for long term signage or decoration.


  • excellent heat protection: blocks solar energy before it hits the glass
  • Satiné: twill weave for excellent glare control
  • Natté: basket weave for excellent outside visibility
  • excellent mechanical resistance for tensile structures
  • printable: excellent communication medium
  • human & ecologically-friendly fabrics
  • intelligent fabric for external & internal applications.

BLACKOUT 100% – Blackout – The “Blackout”

Privacy at night, confidentiality, elimination of light for optimum projection conditions are all assured with these technical, elegant, decorative with perfect fall lines and 100% opaque fabrics

Satiné 21154


  • The blackout Screen-looking fabric for external and internal total blackout roller blind systems
  • Perfect match with side channels systems such as ZIP
  • Thermal comfort: rejects up to 99% of solar energy
  • Harmony of the façade: the colours can be coordinated with those of the Satiné 5500 transparent fabric
  • Extra wide width: 210 cm.