exterial blinds

We often encounter dilemmas about which type of blind to choose, so that the shadowing effect is as good as possible. If we wish a good thermal insulation, we can chose different kind of blinds, but the bad side of this shade is often a dim space. Aluminum blinds represent a pleasant shading, but at the same time we get a “heating body” in front of the window, as the aluminum blades in the sun become very hot.


SOLARTIS Zip Screen is an ideal solution for keeping your home shaded from the sun without blocking out light. Zip screens can be installed internally, externally or even into the front and sides of our range of Verandas.

As these fully automatic Zip Screens glide down the guide channel, it uses a zipping mechanism to seal the fabric to the guide. This offers excellent protection from the sun, the wind, insects as well as well as keeping the fabric taught and looking pristine!


If heat protection, glare protection and view are equally important, Satine 5500 is the right product for all kinds of external applications. It is also an excellent fabric to digitally print on, for long term signage or decoration.


      1. excellent heat protection: blocks solar energy before it hits the glass
      2. Satiné: twill weave for excellent glare control
      3. Natté: basket weave for excellent outside visibility
      4. excellent mechanical resistance for tensile structures
      5. printable: excellent communication medium
      6. human & ecologically-friendly fabrics
      7. intelligent fabric for external & internal applications.

Zip Screens


Zip Screens work by using a special type of high quality fabric that lets in light but blocks most of the sun’s rays from even hitting your glass. The result is that the room is much cooler. On top of this, curtains, carpets and furniture are fully protected from the rays of the sun.



The unique thing about the Nationwide Zip Screen is the special zipping device that zips the fabric to the guide channel as the screen is lowered. This means there are no gaps down the side for sun leakage. This also creates a barrier that is wind resistant as well as stopping unwanted insects from getting through.

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